Congratulations to the following clients of the award-winning Princes Centre, based in Clifford Road, who has been selected as a 2023 finalist:

Clockwise from top left.

Helena L - My Rainbow

Holly P - Colourful Rainbow

Stephen F – Rainbows!

Margaret T – Untitled

Visual Description – Four different pieces from four different clients of the Princes Centre. The top left is a painting of rainbow arches of red, orange, green and brown on a white background. The top right is also of a rainbow, a mass of colour, red, orange, yellow, brown and purple on a white background. The bottom right is another rainbow. Arcs of colour, red, pink, green, yellow, and blue on a white background. The bottom left is a mass of colour, created by dipping marbles in yellow, pink, blue, green and white paint and rolling them around on the paper.