Stratton Memorial Garden

At the end of the day, we all want the very best for our departed family members and friends.

People have different visions of what is right for a particular person, and equally, the be­reaved, have their own circumstances to con­sider. We hope the Stratton Memorial Garden and the range of burial options within will assist in meeting everyone's needs.

Overlooked by Whiteleaf Cross on the nearby wooded hillside, the gardens provide a restful setting for those just wishing to get away from the rush of life.

To enable the Memorial Garden to evolve into a place of beauty, memorials, if permitted, are lim­ited in size according to the area chosen for inter­ment, and grave plots will be grassed and form part of the lawns. We would like to encourage people to place their flowers in nearby planting areas, where provided, along with a marker if they wish to provide a focal point. Flowers left on a grave should be of a temporary nature only and will be allowed to remain for a limited period fol­lowing the funeral, as if left in the growing season will have to be moved for grass cutting. To allow the leaving of items, such as vases, on the lawns on a permanent basis would create a littered ef­fect, as well as being a hazard and a mainte­nance problem.

Visitors are always welcome. Some come to pay their respects to people they have lost, while others come simply to enjoy the gardens and views. All are asked to be mindful of the role the gardens have and to be respectful.

There is parking available in the main entrance and in addition Princes Risborough is served by a train station and bus routes.

Stratton Memorial Garden

Long Hide Off Queens Road, Aylesbury Road
Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, HP27 0JX.

Opening and Closing Times.

Stratton Memorial Garden is open to the public daily from 07.30am.
Closing times will be as follows:

November to January – 4pm
February – 4.30pm
March – 5.30pm
April – 7pm
May – 8pm
June and July – 9pm
August – 8.30pm
September -7pm
October – 5pm

Burial Information

In an effort to maintain the beauty and dignity of our loved ones’ final resting place, Stratton Memorial Garden has established certain rules and regulations. These rules and regulations have been created to help us keep our commitment to you and to provide quality perpetual care for your loved ones in their final place of rest.

We hope they offer you meaningful guidance as we work together to maintain the beauty of Stratton Memorial Garden now and for the future.

Please feel free to discuss them with any member of the Town Council staff should you require additional clarification or information.

You are required to respect the peace and dignity of the Memorial Garden and behave in a decent, quiet, and orderly manner. No children under the age of 12 years are allowed unless accompanied by a responsible adult. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times. Vehicles are to be kept on the roadway and the speed to a maximum of 10mph. Cycles or Motor Cycles must not be ridden within the site. No alcohol or illegal substance is to be brought into, or consumed within the Memorial Garden. Smoking is not permitted. Litter is to be placed in the bins provided. The playing of music in any form is prohibited except with the permission of the Council.

Please note that the Town Council may vary these days and hours from time to time. The Council may temporarily close the whole or part of the grounds as often as, in the opinion of the Council, such closure is desirable. No person shall enter or remain there when closed to the public. A person shall not enter or leave otherwise than through the entrance gates.