A number of charities were endowed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to provide annual grants to local parishioners to ease poverty, to encourage apprenticeships and to further the education of children.

These charities, Smith’s founded in 1616, Chibnall’s 1646, Pye’s 1733, Meade’s 1783 and Eustace’s 1784, together with the income from other small pieces of land donated in the nineteenth century, are administered by the Trustees of the Princes Risborough and the Monks Risborough Charities.

The nomination of a student to Christ’s Hospital School was gifted and associated with the Stratton family in 1722. It is administered by the Rector and PCC of St Mary’s Parish Church.

The Rector and Churchwardens of St Dunstan’s Church, Monks Risborough are Trustees of Hody’s Charity 1707 (augmented by Dr. Quarles in 1727), for apprentices and students, under 21 and resident in its ecclesiastical Parish, to enable them to purchase tools, books, outfits or to pay fees.

There are known to be other organisations having charitable status within the town and which make grants and donations available to non-specific applicants.