Congratulations to Bob Williams who has been selected as a 2023 finalist:

Print Title -   The Cleaner's Magic Art 

This piece comes from a chance meeting Bob had in Aylesbury Bus Station with a lady who was taking an early morning bus to Princes Risborough. It transpired that she did cleaning work hence the title. The work seeks to celebrate people's stoicism and the beauty of everyday life.


Visual Description - A wooden frame in portrait attached to a wooden board. Around the frame, and attached to the board, are resin moulds of various objects. There is a small resin model of a woman on the top left side, below are mouldings of coffee cup lids. Along the bottom edge, there are resin mouldings that look like the cross section of oranges. Along the right edge, there is a moulding of a toothpaste tube with a coffee cup lid above it. The top edge has various mouldings along it.

Attached to the frame are some heart-shaped mouldings with another resin model of a woman. Inside the frame is a painting of a smiling woman looking straight at the viewer. She has pink skin, red lips and black hair.