Congratulations to Jessica Poerstamper who has been selected as a 2023 finalist:

Print title Fish

This piece is about Climate Change and pollution. Jessica wanted to show how throwing toxins and plastics into the sea was worrisome, but wanted to do this in a colourful and eye-catching way. The fish closest to the barrel has turned a different colour due to the radiation in the leaking barrel. The Jellyfish is dimmer than expected because of the toxins that are in the water. In producing this piece Jessica discovered how much fun it was drawing fish and other sea animals.

Visual Description – An oil pastel and marker pen drawing of a sea showing two fish, a jellyfish and some toxic waste leaking from a barrel. The background is blue with a grey barrel of toxic waste in the lower left corner, the contents are leaking. Next to the barrel are two fish, the smaller one has changed colour due to the toxic waste, and the larger one has some plastic waste around it. On the top right of the drawing is a jellyfish, its colours subdued