Climate Emergency Statement

On the 26th of October, 2021 Princes Risborough Town Council voted to declare a climate emergency, in line with about half of the bigger parish councils in Buckinghamshire and the British government. This is in response to growing evidence that the average global temperature is due to increase by at least 1.5 centigrade from 2030 to 2052. Following the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report at the end of last year, the immediacy of this rise in temperature and its effects on our lives have started to become more apparent.

Our aim is for the Town Council to be at least carbon neutral by 2030. Recognise the effect of this increase in temperature and a greater probability of extreme weather, will have on our town and population, and have appropriate responses in place. Understand our parish’s position in the settings of the Chiltern area of Natural Beauty, and how much it contributes to the area’s special status. Be able to encourage the biodiversity of the flora and fauna, maintain the pollution-free status of our chalk streams and their sources, and maintain the balance of the town with its environment.

To achieve these objectives, we will be producing an action plan in the future, which will be posted on this site when completed.  Our intention is to set an example that others might want to follow, not to dictate or preach. As a council, we would look to work in partnership with local businesses, organisations, and residents to help reduce our carbon footprint across the parish or enhance the environment. Anyone who feels they have the skills or experience to help reach these aims or take part in this or any specific project contact the Town Council.

Bee Squared

We all know that bees and other pollinator insects are in need of a bit of help. So, earlier this year, Princes Risborough Town Council in partnership with the North West Chilterns Community Board and Risborough Environmental Group gave away seeds so that they could be planted in 1-metre square of native wildflowers in gardens or in pots. 

Residents were able to plot their very own Bee Square on an interactive map and created a bee heaven in Risborough.