Why does the Council need to move offices?
The Council currently rents a room from the Princes Centre. Notice has been given to end the lease in December 2023

Why not buy a property?
The amount that an individual council will be authorised to borrow will normally be limited to a maximum of £500,000 in any single financial year for any single purpose. The Town Council would need to borrow more than £500,000 for an office in the centre of Princes Risborough. The repayments for a £500,000 loan would mean an increase in the council tax for all residents.
Why not rent elsewhere in Princes Risborough?
Suitable properties that the Town Council could afford in Princes Risborough with flexible accommodation, rarely come on the market. This is exacerbated by the office space that has been converted to residential space in recent years. There is not a suitable office space available near the town centre with access for the disabled and a meeting room where we can talk with residents in private, especially when arranging a burial at the Stratton Memorial Garden.

Why relocate to the Wades Centre?
It is the only council-owned property that can accommodate an office and is accessible to all. It means that the Council will have a permanent home and will not be paying taxpayers’ money to a landlord.

Does the Town Council need an office?
The office is visited by many residents who are uncomfortable using e-mail or the telephone and want to speak to someone in person. Arrangements for burials can be very stressful and having a private room where a member of staff can sit down and spend time with the bereaved, is invaluable. The staff worked from home during Covid and this was challenging not being able to help and support the residents. The Town Council minute books and burial records are stored in the office and are available to the residents that want to see them. The Town Council does not want to lose the personal touch and offer an inferior service.