Charities in the Parish

The town of Princes Risborough, which includes Monks Risborough, Whiteleaf and Askett, is looked upon by outsiders and most insiders, as being affluent with little or any hardship. This may be so on the surface, but we know that there are many cases of family and individual hardship lurking below. This has always been the case and so in years gone by wealthy patrons have set up charitable trusts to assist those in need. These charities are administered by trustees elected to the boards by various institutions, including the Town Council. In the past financial aid was given to those known to the parish both in the form of money and goods to enable those in need to have a ‘better’ life. Recently and in some cases because of the Covid19 pandemic we have seen the provision of food banks at both the St. Mary’s and Elim churches and these have proved a lifeline to less fortunate parishioners who have been furloughed or lost their employment.

A couple of other charities have been issuing vouchers for those in need to use to purchase the essentials for existence in these hard times.
Of course, these charities operate throughout the year and aid to those in need on a regular basis, as well as one off occasions.
At Christmas time the charities organise food hampers for families and individuals and last year alone some 35 hampers were delivered to those in need of a bit of extra Christmas cheer.

The details of the charities their aims and contact details can be found here