Latest News from the Princes Centre

Published: 19 June 2024

With the long-awaited arrival of milder weather, and with the recent purchase of an extra vehicle, it has been possible to arrange more outings for small groups of our elderly clients. As one of them loves trains, a visit was arranged to the train shop in Summerleys Road. Others enjoyed a meal at Morrisons. Some of the younger clients had a ‘girls’ shopping trip and a meal out to celebrate a birthday. There have been regular walks around Risborough for some whilst others were taken for a walk around Whiteleaf woods to see the bluebells. A small group have been able to participate in hydrotherapy sessions. Some of the clients are enjoying doing some gardening with help from Kelly, the Tesco Community Champion.

Our bowling group are now playing regularly in a new venue at Hazels Bowls Club in Aylesbury. Indoor bowling in High Wycombe has also been arranged for some of the clients whilst carpet bowls in the Princes Centre has been a satisfying activity for those who are less mobile. Other indoor activities include lots of games, knitting, dominoes, hoops, indoor ‘tennis’ with balloons and flyswats, and a special karaoke session with all the clients joining in. The baking sessions are popular with some of the cakes produced being eaten with afternoon tea. In arts and crafts, some of the clients are making a small model village complete with a pond and bowling green. The grass in the gardens and bowling green is real. The pottery sessions continue to be well attended. It is very satisfying to see friendships developing among the clients.

The trustees continue to meet regularly and pursue their aim of upgrading the two Princes Centres. We have a list of projects large and small, and at a recent meeting have decided that the roof needs to be prioritised. Much of it is flat and causes problems occasionally when it rains heavily. The roofing over the kitchen is of particular concern. Indoors the blinds have been removed from the top windows in the main hall in preparation for them to be replaced with double glazed ones. The conference room now has an up-to-date large screen which enables computer screens to be reproduced on it.

For those who would like to see inside the buildings, an Open Evening is planned to take place on Thursday 11th July from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm with refreshments offered to those who come. Our Annual General Meeting follows at 6.30 pm and you are very welcome to attend.

If you would like to support the Princes Centres in any way or if you or your loved one would like a free taster of what we have to offer, please contact our manager Kim on 01844 345105 or Mags at Bourne End 01628 52702. 

Maggie Wooster Keyte