Latest News from the Princes Centre

Published: 22 January 2024

Time flies since Christmas and it’s now time for the next celebration – Valentine’s Day so recent activities have included making lots of hearts from sparkly paper. Pottery sessions are back following the holiday and more flowers were donated from M and S so clients were able to arrange them into bouquets to take home for their loved ones. Singing sessions, calendar making and artwork with buttons were also on the agenda. We recently purchased a ‘Tiny Tablet’ which is an interactive screen, like an iPad on a larger scale and it is already a big hit. It has also been very useful in helping the clients to interact.

External activities include local walks, a trip to Tring Museum to see the natural history exhibits, and a shopping trip for one client who is normally unable to go out and buy things. Some of the older clients were taken to Haddenham Garden Centre to enjoy a browse around and then a hot drink and chat in the café.

We had some wonderful news this week in that we have received a very generous legacy from one of our local benefactors. This lady also gifted the land for the Stratton Memorial Garden and we plan to remember her in a special way for all she has done for the Princes Centre.

The Town Council will be moving to their new premises down at Wades Park next month so, once we have done a makeover in the area upstairs, we shall be moving the office there which will give the office staff more elbow room.

If you or your loved one would like a free taster of what we have to offer or would like to consider volunteering at the Princes Centre, please contact our manager Kim on 01844 345105 or Mags at Bourne End 01628 52702

Maggie Wooster Keyte