Latest News from the Princes Centre

Published: 18 July 2022


We were delighted to hear that we were recently voted a Gold winner of a Regional SME Award – Community Business of the Year. Our Chairman Matt also won a Silver award for Lockdown Leader. We are now through to the SME National Business Awards held in December. However, we work hard to ensure that the care we give is first class as well and we were very pleased to receive messages of thanks from the relatives of some of our clients who have had to go into care or have passed away. We are very proud of our staff who give so much to make our clients enjoy their time at the centres. Mags, who runs our Bourne End Centre, has got a waiting list which is wonderful news for somewhere that was nearly closed 4 years ago due to lack of support.

Below is a typical message of thanks received:

I just want to say thanks to you great people, who go out of their way to do the little things that aren’t necessarily of value monetarily. But you guys give the emotional support and are always in great spirits for the clients who come to you, and it takes a lot to do that!”

Apart from the usual activities, our clients have been enjoying several activities outside – visiting Hearing Dogs and enjoying a cup of tea afterwards, playing bowls in the garden; the younger ones continue their bowls at the bowls club. Swimming and tennis are available for some. Indoor there was a flower arranging session and a lovely arrangement to take home afterwards. Others have been making cottage pie and bird feed mixtures. Entertainment continues with Elvis due for a visit this week and as a treat, Jay’s ice cream van will be popping up for anyone who fancies a ‘99’ and a flake. On Thursday Banjovi Revival will be visiting.

The Jinglers, with help from the Redwing Band, gave a concert in St Mary’s during Festival week and had a very appreciative audience. Their performance always lifts people’s spirits and they are a great showcase for the Centre.

If you would like to learn more about what we can offer to you or your loved one and book a free taster session, please contact Kim on 01844 345105.

Maggie Wooster Keyte