Covid-19 Champs

Published: 12 January 2021

Last year we asked for nominations from our residents for our “Covid 19 Community champions award” and we were inundated with nominees!
We are thrilled to recognise the following list of individuals as the rightly deserved champions/recipients of this award all of whom showed exemplary service to the community and who have now all received their awards from our Mayor & Chairman, Cllr Matthew Walsh.
Siobhan Jackson (pictured) and Marnie Logan for their outstanding work as part of the PR and Surrounding Area Vulnerable and Shielding group
Will Knights (pictured) for service to the Risborough Basket
SP Supermarket, Monks Risborough (pictured)
Babs Cooper
Sharon Houchin
Irene Tomlin
Jordan Tully
Remi Miller
Thalia Jervis
Patricia and Kenneth Phillips
Victoria Baker
Bob Young
Emily Holyoake
Sharon Sage
Anna Kennington
Cllr Alan Turner
On behalf of all our residents that you helped and the Town Council THANK-YOU!