The Democracy Game

Published: 28 September 2020

The Town Council values its collaborative relationship with all of our schools in Princes and Monks Risborough.With many of us having made numerous visits to the Polling Stations over the past few years, we believed it would be beneficial for our young residents and future voters to understand the importance of participating in the democratic process through our scheme, The Democracy Game.

We met with the leaders of each school to outline the scheme: Pupils at each school were asked to discuss projects that would benefit their fellow pupils and decide on two final projects that could be put to the students for voting.

Thanks to Wycombe District Council we used real ballot boxes and voting booths from the 2019 General Election to enhance the voting experience. Voting has taken place across all schools and the children and young people seemed to really enjoy the experience of taking part.

The winning projects are be fully funded by the Town Council using our share of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and we look forward to sharing an update on
these projects, and their implementation in our next edition of Crosstalk.