Refurbishment Plans for Community Centre

On  1st  February,  Princes  Risborough  Town  Council  took  over  the  responsibility  for  the  management  and  bookings  of  the  Community  Centre. 

As part of the continued investment in the future of the town, Princes Risborough Town Council announced plans for a month-long Public Consultation in which they will they held several drop-in sessions (8th, 14th,19th & 24th October) at the Community Centre.  In addition to the drop-in sessions, residents were able to complete an online survey or a postal survey.  Full details relating to the consultation can be found in the latest issue of Crosstalk - please click here to view.

The sessions were the first opportunity for local residents and users of the Community Centre to see the proposed architectural plans for the new extension, and a chance to give feedback to the council representatives. 

The proposed new and improved facility, with estimated project costs up to £750,000 includes an extension to the current building to create a new function room & bar measuring approx. 2,077sq ft, a 60-seater café, and additional toilet facilities.





Following the completion of the consultation (30th October) the Commercial Services Committee reviewed the responses and were pleased to report that 77.33% were in favour of a café facility to seat up to 60 people, 78.98% were in favour of a new Function Room and Bar, 83.44% were in favour of an external seating area facing the park, 91.02% were in favour or improved and increased toilet facilities and 77.09% were supportive of an annual increase of £1.04 (Band D) to support the cost of the refurbishment and extension of the Community Centre. The report relating to these results can be found here

The Commerical Services Committee proposed a recommendation to the full Town Council to therefore proceed with the planned refurbishment work. 

At the Princes Risborough Town Council meeting held on 14th January 2020, it was RESOLVED to seek theapproval of the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government to apply for a PWLB loan of £430,000.00 over the borrowing term of 25 years for the Phase 1 of the expansion and refurbishment of Risborough Community Centre. The annual loan repayments will come to around £24,572. It is not intended to increase the council tax precept for the purpose of the loan repayments. Minutes relating to this meeting can be found here

Project updates will be posted on here as & when available, however if you have any questions about the planned refurbishment, please do contact us.