A number of professional, light industrial and commercial undertakings are well established in Princes Risborough, including construction, printing, packaging, pharmaceutical research and production, civil and mechanical engineering and furniture manufacture. The town is also well provided with service industries and has an active and collective business voice.

The efforts of all the local businessmen, together with continuing new developments planned for the town centre and surrounding business areas, have ensured that the town continues to have a very low rate of unemployment.

The plan for the Chinnor rail link to Princes Risborough will also introduce greater commercial activity and access to the area helping to provide local employment. The well-known manufacturer of quality furniture, Ercol, who opened a state of the art factory in 2003, has recently agreed to make some of its site available to act as an Enterprise Gateway for the development of young and growing businesses in the furniture and allied trades.

Ercol Factory

The Ercol Factory

Risborough Area Business Group (RABG) An amalgamation of the previous Chamber of Trade & RizBiz, RABG is a voluntary organisation comprising some 90 industrialists, traders and businessmen in the town and surrounding district.

RABG aims are generally to:

Promote, protect and improve the general interests of all local business.
Maintain a good business environment locally and to attract visitors to the town.
Study National, Regional, County and Local legislation and plans, to ensure that they give due recognition to the interests of the local commercial organisations and the local business community, and to disseminate information to users. The combined activity of the businessmen and businesses in the area provides the public with a resource and voice that is able to help influence local policy. RABG can thereby deliver public benefit by seeking to protect and further the public interest by having an influence on improvements to services, facilities, job opportunities and quality of life, generally helping to promote the welfare and prosperity of the Risborough district.
Princes Risborough has one of the most compact shopping areas in the country, with two large car parks adjacent to the High Street. The Business Group welcomes all visitors and newly established businesses and hopes you will enjoy visiting Princes Risborough. We will, of course, be only too pleased to help anyone who may require advice or who experiences difficulties locally.

Please visit our website for more information.

Communications can be addressed to any of the officers listed below:

President: Mr M Walsh

Tel: 07712 224805

Treasurer: Mrs Jane Brown

Bluebells, Main Rd, Lacey Green, HP27 7QG

Secretary: Mr Bill Bendyshe-Brown

Tel: 07973 440009